Monday, February 21, 2011

3 months n 1day

dear blog..
me bru jew taip title 4 diz post..
but me pnye airmata dh mleleh..
2day me involved in so much sad things..
me try da best 2 keep calm..
but now my tears already fall..
i dunno how 2 survive without him..
i am a loser..
u r loser ika..
u r loser..
i cant play with this rhythm anymore..
i hope i can stop all diz things but i cant coz i already lost..
totally lost..
i cant see the way..
Allah xske insan yg ptus asa..
but now me already ptus asa..
tired that is what i feel right now..
i tired 4 all the things in my life..
i wanna STOP..
sum1 pls bring me back..
i am lost right now..
pls save me..
i beg u..
anyone can help me??
i need sum pohon,i need some dahan,i need a tree..
i need sumthing that can protect me from all diz crazy things..
tired n i really need some rest..


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