Friday, July 22, 2011

crocs creks..

its about 3days ago me gi tgok movie..
citer flat 3a..not bad la citer 2 coz me jerit..HEHEHEHE
after movie me window shopping
then wat survey kat butik croc thank god..
i meet sumthing that i really2 like..
b4 that picca yg kat ats 2 hnye skdr hiasan..hehe
ok now nk story bout sumthing 2..
act croc shoes..chumil cgt ksut 2..
nk3..its about rm189 only..
sum1 nk sponsor..
but xmau la..malu seh..
agpon xmo t'utang budi..
so nti me nk tell2 kat mama..
cgt chumil..
ape yg me bole wat mse kuar kdai 2..
just put both of my hand kat pipi then shout cntiknye!!!!
cgt3 mau that shoes..
mau ngis la..coz really want that..
be patient dior..
later u can get that shoe..okies..


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